I can climb "Rainbow Mountain"

Our family escaped the winter doldrums this year by heading to the desert heat in Palm Springs.  Determined to find the weird and wonderful in the land of golf courses and shopping malls we set out to explore places like Salvation Mountain.  Don't get me wrong we spent a good amount of time playing by the pool and soaking up the mid century modern styles of Old Palm Springs too! 

We told our daughter Scarlett (who is in love with the my little pony character "rainbow dash") that we were going on a trip to find Rainbow Mountain and maybe Rainbow Dash would be there too.  This got us through the 1 1/2 hour drive and when we arrived she was so excited to see all of the bright coloured paintings.  It was also lovely that they allowed us to help paint Salvation Mountain and we were even interviewed for a documentary. The artist, Leonard Knight passed away just two weeks before our visit and there are now volunteers working  maintain his lifes work.