Winter wonders

Its a new year. Time to take a walk in the woods and clear your head.  PIcking pinecones and discovering waterfalls.

I hope 2015 brings much of this into your world and mine.

Lets play with ebb and flow, blurred and sharp edges.

Birthday treats: glaciers, lakes, bears and dont forget the cake and togas!

Well this year was a milestone birthday year.  Yes the big 40 came a knocking at my door.  While I tried not to answer it at first, I eventually decided to embrace it celebrate. But what should I do to celebrate?  I really miss the adventures my husband and I used to have when we would just take off with a backroads map and our trillium trailer and see where we would end up.  We always found the sweetest camp spots or at least had an adventure trying to find one.  I also wanted a bit of a rest and pampering so we decided to go to Tyax Lodge near Goldbridge for a little break sans kidlets. We took a float plane flight that went over the Lillooet glacier and landed on the water so we could float between the glaciers.  We also went for a 22km hike in the alpine that took us off the trails and over creeks and ridges to see some amazing views and wildflowers.  When we got home it was time to switch gears to join our friends at a kitschy toga birthday party.  The perfect way to climb over that hill and log roll all the way down :)

Parenting : They say its all a blur

Somedays when you are at home with your kids it feels like time is moving at a snail's pace. Then one evening when you are looking back at the last year on your iphone photos you wonder how time has gone by so quickly.  Maybe you feel guilty about not cherishing every moment and instead complaining about not having enough sleep.  Anyways we do what we need to do to survive and when we come up for air sometimes we can enjoy the fruits of our labour.  Everything is a little different in hindsight (maybe you'll notice your parents can't remember much from the early baby raising years). This series of images speaks to that idea and the beautiful and confusing blur that is our life sometimes.

Passing the baton on the blogging tour

A colleague Karethe Linaae (that I met during the I am Grateful show she organised) is now living in Spain and she asked me be part of a blogging tour.  I said yes.. so here is my post.

What are you working on?

Right now I am poring over 100s (1000s?) of photographs that I have taken this summer and trying to decide how I will transform them into painted/mixed media works.  I have been experimenting with blurred imagery, close up photos and different landscape photography methods.


Why do you do what you do?

Sometimes I feel like I do what I do because I don't know how to do anything else.  Truly I have always felt like making art is something I was programmed to do.  It has been interesting see that same drive in my daughter.  Its good to keep the hands busy while the mind wanders.


How does your creative process work?

My process is forever in a state of flux.  Right now I am building up imagery and ideas through photos and experiences.  Eventually I will be able to carve out the time or the ideas will bubble over and need to be taken into the physical world.  Deadlines push most things forward and I must say they are a necessary evil for this lady.


What makes your work/blog unique?

I can't really say without being able to take a step outside my blog but what I would guess is that my blog offers a glimpse into all aspects of my work.  I include posts about family, art happenings, my making process, inspirations, travel tales and other artists I admire.  I hope this gives viewers a more well rounded perspective on the finished pieces shown on the website. 



Who would you like to pass the blogging baton to?

I would love to share the blog of my colleague Carlyn Yandle.  She has some great insights on art and the world and her own work is both visually and conceptually strong. 

Carlyn Yandle’s work draws on 17 years as an award-winning reporter, layout designer, editor and columnist for various daily and weekly Canadian newspapers. Her combined skills and interest in writing, visual art and industrial design are heavily influenced by her formative years living and working in Kyoto, Japan. She works out of a shared studio of painters in her hometown of Vancouver, B.C.











What we learned on Savary Island Part 1

This summer we spent three weeks on Savary Island.  This magical place provides us with all that we need for a perfect summer vacation.  We visit this island to watch our kids grow and explore, visit with friends and make new ones, eat amazing seafood, and to ride our bikes to build sandcastles on the beach.  Most importantly we come here to learn new things and reconnect with our true selves.

I have decided to group a few photos from our trip in different themes.  This first post is about two words: "Touch"  (a new word my son James learned while touching a fish that my husband caught) and "Hot" (a word we teach our kids early on).

Beach fire babes

The first time you see fire it is mesmerizing.  I suppose you are fascinated by flames ever after.

Everyone is helping to build the fire and especially to eat the sweet and sticky marshmallows.

Simple pleasures

Picking sweet berries that were a cross between a small blackberry and a raspberry. Delicate and yum.

Touch the "Walking Shells"

At first glance the beach looks still, covered in shells.  Then as you look closer you see that they are all moving towards the water, just like us.