Mermaid Tales Savary Island Part 2

This year we brought a little boat to Savary Island so that we could do some fishing, crabbing and exploring.  Because the beach closest to us is too rocky to anchor the boat we ended up mooring the boat the sandier Mermaid beach.  This beach is a fabulous beachcombing beach with tidal pools, clams and lots of sand dollars.  There is a rock with a sculpture on it that looks mermaid-ish.  The waters in the evening are so warm here that when you swim at sunset you feel like a mermaid.  Here we enjoyed the bounty of the sea and learned that the sea is all powerful and must not be underestimated or underappreciated. 

What we learned on Savary Island Part 1

This summer we spent three weeks on Savary Island.  This magical place provides us with all that we need for a perfect summer vacation.  We visit this island to watch our kids grow and explore, visit with friends and make new ones, eat amazing seafood, and to ride our bikes to build sandcastles on the beach.  Most importantly we come here to learn new things and reconnect with our true selves.

I have decided to group a few photos from our trip in different themes.  This first post is about two words: "Touch"  (a new word my son James learned while touching a fish that my husband caught) and "Hot" (a word we teach our kids early on).

Beach fire babes

The first time you see fire it is mesmerizing.  I suppose you are fascinated by flames ever after.

Everyone is helping to build the fire and especially to eat the sweet and sticky marshmallows.

Simple pleasures

Picking sweet berries that were a cross between a small blackberry and a raspberry. Delicate and yum.

Touch the "Walking Shells"

At first glance the beach looks still, covered in shells.  Then as you look closer you see that they are all moving towards the water, just like us.