Birthday treats: glaciers, lakes, bears and dont forget the cake and togas!

Well this year was a milestone birthday year.  Yes the big 40 came a knocking at my door.  While I tried not to answer it at first, I eventually decided to embrace it celebrate. But what should I do to celebrate?  I really miss the adventures my husband and I used to have when we would just take off with a backroads map and our trillium trailer and see where we would end up.  We always found the sweetest camp spots or at least had an adventure trying to find one.  I also wanted a bit of a rest and pampering so we decided to go to Tyax Lodge near Goldbridge for a little break sans kidlets. We took a float plane flight that went over the Lillooet glacier and landed on the water so we could float between the glaciers.  We also went for a 22km hike in the alpine that took us off the trails and over creeks and ridges to see some amazing views and wildflowers.  When we got home it was time to switch gears to join our friends at a kitschy toga birthday party.  The perfect way to climb over that hill and log roll all the way down :)

Mermaid Tales Savary Island Part 2

This year we brought a little boat to Savary Island so that we could do some fishing, crabbing and exploring.  Because the beach closest to us is too rocky to anchor the boat we ended up mooring the boat the sandier Mermaid beach.  This beach is a fabulous beachcombing beach with tidal pools, clams and lots of sand dollars.  There is a rock with a sculpture on it that looks mermaid-ish.  The waters in the evening are so warm here that when you swim at sunset you feel like a mermaid.  Here we enjoyed the bounty of the sea and learned that the sea is all powerful and must not be underestimated or underappreciated.