Winter wonders

Its a new year. Time to take a walk in the woods and clear your head.  PIcking pinecones and discovering waterfalls.

I hope 2015 brings much of this into your world and mine.

Lets play with ebb and flow, blurred and sharp edges.

Parenting : They say its all a blur

Somedays when you are at home with your kids it feels like time is moving at a snail's pace. Then one evening when you are looking back at the last year on your iphone photos you wonder how time has gone by so quickly.  Maybe you feel guilty about not cherishing every moment and instead complaining about not having enough sleep.  Anyways we do what we need to do to survive and when we come up for air sometimes we can enjoy the fruits of our labour.  Everything is a little different in hindsight (maybe you'll notice your parents can't remember much from the early baby raising years). This series of images speaks to that idea and the beautiful and confusing blur that is our life sometimes.

Experiments in the garden: Nitobe Memorial Garden

I spent a lovely day at the Nitobe Memorial garden at UBC.  I started out taking photos of the sculptures and reflections and then started to go more and more abstract with my photos.  By the end of the "roll" I was just recording shapes, colour and movement.  These feel like an interesting jump off point for paintings.